Never, Never Land … Fairy Tale or Future?

220px-PeterPan2Well folks the mystical words of the so-called“ Health Care Reform” are finally upon us.

This health care policy fairy tale (of what many of us thought would be “Never, Never Land) is slowly manifesting before our eyes. However, unless Doctors of Chiropractic take advantage of the new opportunities present within the health care realm, we may find ourselves as the Lost Boys on the island Never, Never Land after all.

Currently hospitals and medical practices are organizing themselves into Patient- Centered Medical Homes (PCMHs) to reap the benefits of the new healthcare incentives.

In short, these new reimbursement policies include Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and will be allocated through the assessment of outcome measures.

What are PCMHs and how will they affect our health care environment? According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality,

“Patient Centered Medical Homes’ components include patient-centered care with an orientation toward the whole person, comprehensive care, care coordinated across all the elements of the health system, superb access to care, and a systems-based approach to quality and safety. Ultimately, these components are intended to improve patient outcomes—including better patient experience with care, improved quality of care (leading to better health), and reduced costs.”

Primary Care Physicians will control the care coordination of each patient within the PCMH. Therefore it is imperative for Doctors of Chiropractic to become involved within these ACOs’ and PCMHs’ models of care. The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress has created a toolkit to assist D.C.s to successfully integrate chiropractic care into PCMHs.

You can access F4CP’s Information on their website at

I urge Doctors of Chiropractic to be aware of the current situation unfolding in their healthcare community, not only for the benefit of one’s private practice, but most importantly to promote the integrative, patient-centered health care system our nation needs.

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