The New Horizon of Whole Person Health

“The true voyage of discovery lies not in finding new horizons but in having new eyes.” — Proust

Casey Health Institute’s patient-centered, integrative model of healthcare is living proof of the power of this quote to reshape our nation’s crumbling healthcare system. A source of hope not only for its economic dysfunction, but for everyone seeking health in America’s complicated healthcare system

In addition, this quote embodies my chiropractic approach at Casey Health Institute. It is an exciting voyage to assist patients in decreasing pain, restoring function and preventing injury. My goal is to empower and educate each patient to take control of the voyage and to live a happier and healthier life.SaraP_3x5

The Whole Health Story

A challenging aspect of this task is teasing out each individual’s unique story. Patients walk into my office at different points in their health journey. Some call themselves “train wrecks” who have been desperately searching for answers for years. Others walk into my office with few aches and pains and are looking to take a preventive approach to their musculoskeletal health.

In order for me to gain a better understanding of each patient’s condition, I must hear his or her health and care story. I want to know what happened, what have they tried and what were the responses. This is especially crucial to understand patients who are suffering from chronic pain. The majority of the time there isn’t “one correct” answer but multiple ways to address their issues. Oftentimes we will not be able to address the source of an issue until we have taken a multidimensional approach to its diagnosis. In other words, his or her whole health.

The foundation of my multidimensional approach for musculoskeletal pain lies in chiropractic education. The chiropractic philosophy is based on D.D. Palmer’s belief that all illness stems from the three T’s – Toxins, Thoughts and Traumas 1. As my focus is to find the physical dysfunctions of the musculoskeletal system, I am aware that the three T’s must be in balance for true healing. A healthy diet and psychological state must be in place to keep the physical body – again, that whole person — functioning.

Casey Health Institute is reaching new horizons in healthcare through this patient-centered approach to treat the whole person. Our Casey Health Institute family enjoys working together to address help each patient eliminate the Toxins, Thoughts, and Traumas in their lives. If you are searching for answers – I encourage you to “have new eyes” and come to Casey Health Institute.


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